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Once you've found the perfect combination of a blouse, Drindl or skirt, what you really need is the perfect jacket to finish your outfit. A normal jacket just doesn't quite work. If you are going for the Tracht look, it is best to tie it completely together from head to foot. It used to be a status symbol to wear a long Tracht jacket, but times have changed and the cut of Tracht jackets has become more feminine. The materials used to make modern Tracht jackets are also trendier than they've ever been. Find stylish, elegant and even cheeky models that perfectly round out your outfit.

Whether you are looking for a jacket that's short and tailored or longer and more casual, whether you want it to match your Dirdnl or Lederhose or skirt, you're sure to find the perfect fit here!

For people looking for warm jacket to round out their Lederhose look, we've got plenty of options! Whether you're looking for a jacket, blazer or vest, find traditional, elegant, modern and casual looks.

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