Cleaning Care Instructions for Traditional Attire

Cleaning Care Instructions for Traditional Attire

Lederhosen, dirndl, blouses & shirts

Dirndl & Blouses

  • Premium textiles like silk, for instance, should never be washed at home: take them to the dry cleaners, where they will be cleansed and then pressed. If you have a cotton dirndl, however, you can wash it yourself.
  • Linen, too, can be washed at home, but be sure to read the label carefully; use a gentle detergent and the delicates programme on your washing machine. You can also hand-wash your dirndl to avoid damage. Remove any buttons made of horn, leather, or metal prior to washing.
  • Dirndl blouses tend to be easy-care and can be washed normally. When it comes to ironing your dirndl, the best thing to do is to turn it inside out, especially if the fabric is linen; both linen and cotton are easier to iron if they are still slightly damp. Whenever you’re not wearing it, keep your dirndl on a hanger to stop it creasing.
  • If you’ve only had it on for a few hours and it doesn’t need a full wash, just try airing it thoroughly – either outside or in the bathroom, where the steam when you take a shower will quickly remove any creasing. In your wardrobe, you should try not to crush the dirndl; if you have a particularly delicate or expensive dress, we would recommend putting it in a thin cotton covering between wears.


  • Lederhosen don’t actually need a lot of care: it’s easy enough to brush dust and dirt off. Stains are a little trickier to deal with, however, and you’ll need to proceed according to the colour and type of leather. Smooth leather and darker shades can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and any stains from sitting on the ground can simply be left to dry and then brushed out. Use a special leather brush to get rid of greasy stains, too.
  • If the leather is lighter toned, however, you’ll need to take a little more care. If you want to make sure that nothing goes wrong, take your lederhosen to a cleaner specialising in leather. Although it’s not the cheapest option, you’re guaranteed to get your lederhosen back as good as new. The more expensive the lederhosen was and the higher quality it is, the more reason you have to get it cleaned professionally.
  • Always air out your lederhosen after you’ve worn them and, when storing them, make sure they are kept dry. All you need to do then is apply some leather spray and get them professionally cleaned every now and then.
  • Note: leather gets an attractive patina after extended wear and not washing it helps keep its character.

Waistcoats, Cardigans, Jackets, etc.

  • It is advised to have the above-mentioned clothing cleaned professionally.