Dos and don'ts

Dos and don'ts

Which shoes pair well with a dirndl? It's a difficult question to answer and even more difficult choice to face.

A few factors should be considered when deciding which shoes to pair a dirndl with:

What kind of look are you trying to achieve?

Opting for shoes that match the colour palette of the dirndl is always a great place to start. If you prefer a more low-key approach we recommend going for black, beige, grey or rosé-coloured shoes. Smooth leather is timeless and the material is not as sensitive as suede for instance.


Pumps give the illusion of longer legs which in turn makes the dirndl appear longer. The classic trachten pumps are a great choice, but the selection of colours, materials as well as the shape of the pumps is endless.
Our tip: keep it simple if the rest of the outfit is more extravagant.


Of course, sandals look great when paired with a dirndl but it is also a riskier choice. They add value to the entire outfit and are eye-catching footwear. Caution: opt for sturdier shoes when planning on attending a festival.


Boots are very trendy at the moment and adds a modern touch to an outfit. What's important to note when selecting leather Chelsea boots, for instance, is that they harmonise with the rest of the outfit, and not lend it a clownish look.

Ballerinas & Sneakers

Ballerinas and sneakers are an absolute no-go and never an appropriate footwear option when it comes to pairing them with traditional attire. They erase any sense of glamour or femininity and make the legs appear shorter - two factors that play a vital role when showing off a beautiful dirndl.

Modern Accessories: Ankle Socks & Socks

Nowadays is very modern to pair socks or ankle sock with a dirndl. Nothing can be said against doing so ss long as your choice of shoes accentuates the socks. However, it is essential that the socks selected are beautifully made and of thin fabric. Subtle patterns and woven fabrics with delicate glitter add a modern touch to the overall look.