Bodices - The Traditional Statement Piece

(Dirndl) Bodices

A bodice is the centrepiece of every traditional dress. The term "bodice" is derived from "pair of bodies" because the garment was originally made in two pieces that were commonly fastened together by laces.

Generally, bodices are designed in an elaborate way as it serves as a statement piece. Traditionally, bodices were embellished with embroidery, however, modern bodices may also be decorated with silver chains, rhinestones, etc.

A bodice enhances the figure, mainly due to the lacing, creating a beautiful silhouette. A laced bodice slims the waist down and focuses the attention towards the decollete and hips. The fit of each piece is of particular importance, unlike traditional skirts that can be shortened and adjusted afterwards.

A dirndl bodice can also be sewn by hand, however, this should only be done by experienced tailors due to the fit needing to be perfect.

Designer gowns with extravagant looks have become more and more popular over the last few years. Such designer pieces can sometimes be bought without a dirndl and then combined with a summer dress or jeans.

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