Dirndl Decollete Neckline

There are a few general rules that need to be followed when opting for the perfect blouse to accentuate your decollete neckline.

As a general rule it is essential that the cropped blouse fits the body well in order to emphasise the cleavage. The blouse may be a little tighter around the midriff but it should be more loose around the decollete to avoid an unattractive plunging neckline.

Dirndl blouses are available in various designs and materials and with or without embroidery details. It is up to you to if you'd like to bear more skin or cover up more. A more ruffled or frilled design adds volume to the area. An oval shaped neckline suits all kinds of dirndls.

The decollete is a very thin and delicate area. In order to highlight the region be sure to pay extra attention to grooming it a few days prior to wearing a dirndl: moisturise the area on a daily basis and use a scrub once a week to refine the skin tone.

Hack: if you are lacking in the bosom area try opting for a push-up bra, a blouse with frills or wear an eye-catching piece of jewellery. Add a dash of glitter power a for more umph.

A scarf is a valuable accessory for any dirndl. Smaller scarves should be tied into an elegant knot whereas larger scarves should be held in place with a brooch.

Finally, posture is key. Keep your back straight, pull your shoulders back and push out the chest. Then you're good to go!